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Total smartphone users have crossed 430 million in India. India is also the second highest country with internet users across the globe. Are you willing to let go of this Audience just because you have done that till now? DigiOn offers best in class social media management services across all the social channels which the usual Indian user uses. We cater social media strategies and postings which are directed towards building trust and relationship among users with our clients.. Along with other digital marketing service, social media marketing offers the below benefits:
• Brand and Trust Building – The current generation wants to know about the brand they are using or going to use, and social media channels are on the top of the list. Having a good social presence not only builds brands, but a lot of time, builds the trust and genuinity that the users are looking for. • Improving the website overall ranking – There are many tools like alexa, majesctic, that uses the social media credibility to improve the ranking of the website. This indirectly directs the search engines to crawl these sites more, and thus benefiting the overall ranking of the website. • Increase referral traffic & conversions – With more relevant traffic, comes more leads and transactions. Thus, social media marketing proves to be an asset which helps to compliment SEO services.

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