Email & SMS marketing

Email & SMS Marketing

With the new ways of digital marketing services kicking in, namely – SEO, social media marketing and PPC services, people think the traditional Email and SMS marketing is losing ground. Is it true? Not really. They still serve to be a great source of building awareness, nurturing leads, and sending latest offers and deals. We at DigiOn, are not just a source which will help you shoot thousands of email and SMS, we create, strategize and execute them as a campaign which will help you generate traffic, leads or transactions. We believe it as a channel that will help drive business and reach your goals.

Here’s how doing Email and SMS marketing can help your business:

• They are targeted – This ensures that the email are reaching to only the audience who will be interested and thus, improving on the receipt to open, and open to conversion ratio. It can be customised to users and that gives a personal touch, improving trust
• Brand awareness – Email and SMS are highly recommended for business who wants their presence to be felt in the market. With email and SMS coming directly in the users device, are hard to ignore and a good message will definitely let you leave a mark on users mind
• Cost effective – Money crunch is something, every business face at different point in time. But with SMS and email, the marketing activities can still be driven and helping in acquiring new users or nurturing the leads.

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